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Hair Care 101:

♦Your hair has been expertly cut and smartly styled by your California Design Cut Specialist. But unless you protect it by using the best professional products, you may struggle to keep the Look! Your hair may be effected by shifts in weather, changes in the environment, even by stress and nerves. So protect the Look and your dollar investment between visits by using quality hair care products prescribed by your Design Cut Specialist.

♦Remember, cleansing your scalp is as important as cleansing your hair. To promote healthy hair regrowth use a scalp brush to ex-foliate dry skin (dandruff) and increase blood circulation to the scalp. Everyone loses approximately 500 hairs per week. Keeping you pores opened and cleansed promotes new hair growth. FYI; One step shampooing and conditioning doesn't work! Conditioning shampoos have conditioners added to reduce the cleansing effect but do not replace the conditioning process.

♦Conditioning your hair as well as your scalp should be a part of your daily hair care program. Shampoos remove essential oils your body puts out as a natural way of conditioning your hair and scalp. Many conditioners contain waxes, paraffins, and oils which attract dirt and build up on the hair and scalp making your hair look dull and lifeless. Have your hair care specialist select professional hair care product to protect your hair from oxidation (fades color) and heat from blow dryers and hot irons. Water base conditioners fill in the cuticle layer of the hair, rinse clean off the hair shaft, help eliminate static electricity, giving your hair shine and making it easy to style. 

♦Many finishing products such as gels, sprays, and lotions contain lacquers and other ingredients to give strong hold. The results may create a build up of product on the hair shaft attracting more dirt and making your hair lifeless. A clarifying shampoo may be necessary to remove excess product and build up. Professional product lines used by hairstylists are formulated with better ingredients which are water soluble and rinse clean off the hair shaft.
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ISO is the leader in the professional hair industry with advanced waving technology, prescriptive-based texture products, and long-lasting, luminous haircolor. As an exclusive professional-only salon brand, ISO has earned a reputation as the preferred stylist choice for its innovative formulations. 
MATRIX, the leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States, is part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division. Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional and offers a wide range of hair care, and hair texturizing products, such as their Biolage product line.